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It's 9am, and people have been queuing for hours. Welcome to Expo '70 in Osaka Japan, with 70 plus countries showing what they are made of. This National Film Unit documentary combines an overview of the expo, with a closer look at the New Zealand presence. There is extensive footage of the Kiwi pavilion, including background to screenings of Hugh MacDonald's three-screen spectacle This is New Zealand, which was one of the most acclaimed films at Expo '70. The Maori Theatre Trust also perform.

Credits (6)

 Hugh Macdonald
 Ron Bowie
 Kit Rollings

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Our family was stationed at Misawa AFB. I was 9 when we attended Expo '70. Still have one of the medallions of the Tower of the Sun. Awesome memories!



What a treat. I worked as a guide from time to time for one of the pavilions and yes that Dairy Q featuring New Zealand milkshakes was immensely popular. Before Expo 70 the traditional Japanese milkshake was more like an ice milk soda and the taste of an authentic thick milkshake was a revelation to the Japanese and of course a taste of home for us foreigners. Now of course Japan has McDonalds, but truth be known it was the taste of a real milkshake at Expo 70 that paved the way.

 Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson

Hi Kim it would be great to hear your impressions of expo .We used to receive postcards back from my father. It was a resounding success and there are still remnats there -it is called expo commemorative park and the sungod and some of thefestival plaza is there -also there is an expo center with all sorts from expo



My husband and I went to Expo 70 and this documentary bought back quite a few memories. It was marvellous at the time. The NZ Pavilion was extremely popular.

 Bruce jackson

Bruce jackson

Wonderful to see this .My father was the guy in the boiler room in bare feet trying to fix the leaks and not having much luck he has passed away 3 years ago so this bought back memories,I was only seven when expo was happening dad would send us back postcards that looked as though they were from adifferent world.visited the nz pavilion site a couple of days ago and it is now a tranquil glade of trees.what an amazing event it must have been


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