The LGBTQ+ Collection

This collection showcases Aotearoa Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender screen production. The journey to Shortland Street civil unions, rainbows in Parliament and the Big Gay Out is one of pride, but also one of secrets, shame and discrimination. As Peter Wells writes in this introduction, the titles are testament to a — joyful, defiant — struggle to "fight to exist".

Desperate Remedies

Film, 1993 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Shortland Street - Maia and Jay’s Civil Union

Television, 2006 (Excerpts)

1998 Hero Parade

Television, 1998 (Full Length)

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls

Film, 2009 (Trailer and Excerpts)


Queer Nation

Television, 1996–2004


Pot Luck

Web, 2015–2017

Georgie Girl

Film, 2001 (Full Length)

About Face - Jewel's Darl

Television, 1985 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1995 (Full Length)


Television, 1989 (Full Length)

A Death in the Family

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)


Hudson and Halls

Television, 1976–1986

Lew Pryme - Welcome to my World

Television, 1990 (Full Length)

When Love Comes

Film, 1998 (Excerpts)

City Life - First Episode

Television, 1996 (Excerpts)



Television, 2004–2008

Tala Pasifika - Talk of the Town

Television, 1995 (Full Length)

About Face - My First Suit

Television, 1985 (Full Length)


Television, 2001 (Full Length)

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

Film, 2005 (Trailer and Excerpts)


Film, 1980 (Excerpts)

Sui Generis - Series Two

Web, 2018 (Full Length Episodes)

Beyond Gravity

Short Film, 1988 (Excerpts)

Queer Nation - Kylie Minogue

Television, 1997 (Excerpts)


Film, 1992 (Trailer and Excerpts)

One of Them!

Television, 1997 (Full Length)

Same But Different - A True New Zealand Love Story

Film, 2019 (Trailer)

Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Television, 2010 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Haunting Douglas

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)

Yellow for Hermaphrodite - Mani's Story

Television, 2002 (Full Length)


Short Film, 2004 (Full Length)

Good Intentions

Short Film, 1989 (Full Length)

Happy Playland - Series

Web, 2017 (Full Length Episodes)

For Arts Sake - Michael Parmenter

Television, 1996 (Full Length)

Tits on a Bull

Short Film, 2015 (Full Length)


Television, 2012 (Excerpts)

An Island Calling

Television, 2008 (Trailer)


Short Film, 1983 (Full Length)

God, Sreenu and Me

Television, 2000 (Full Length)

Allie Eagle and Me

Film, 2004 (Trailer)

Tash Keddy on first crashing into Shortland Street

Web, 2017 (Extras)