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Barry Barclay: Pacific Films and the early days...

Barry Barclay: Pacific Films and the early days...

Interviews - 2009

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The late Barry Barclay [Ngāti Apa] was one of New Zealand's most respected filmmakers. He directed such landmark titles as TV series Tangata Whenua, award-winning film Ngati, and The Feathers of Peace. Barclay was also a longtime campaigner for the right of indigenous people to tell their own stories to their own people.

In this ScreenTalk, Barclay talks about:

  • Early days working at John O'Shea's production company Pacific Films
  • Pacific's contribution to Māori filmmaking, in particular with iconic TV series Tangata Whenua
  • Pacific's creative and independent spirit, and gaining inspiration from director Tony Williams
  • Directing Pacific Films production Ashes, which starred a young Sam Neill as a conflicted priest
  • Directing his first feature film Ngati
  • Working with Pacific Films boss John O'Shea, and how O'Shea 'didn't really see skin colour'
  • What it was like being 'Māori with a camera' in the early days of the Māori cultural renaissance

Note: there are some defects in the footage, which come from the original master.

Interview and Camera: Clare O'Leary and Monika Ahuriri. Editing: Alex Backhouse.

This video was first uploaded in July 2009, and is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via this Creative Commons licence.