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Hero image for Jeremy & Nigel Corbett  - Funny As Interview

Jeremy & Nigel Corbett - Funny As Interview

Funny As Interviews – 2019

Brothers Nigel and Jeremy Corbett were a musical comedy duo, before they joined comedy group Facial DBX (see this interview) and hosted stand-up comedy show A Bit After Ten. Jeremy has achieved further success as a comedian and broadcaster, and Nigel pursued a career in advertising. In this Funny As interview they talk, among other things, about:

  • Being tickled by absurdity when they were young
  • Theories on why Palmerston North has nurtured so much comedic talent, including there being no distractions
  • Forging lifelong friendships from Massey University's capping revue
  • Facial DBX tours being the opposite of what you’d imagine a rock and roll tour to be: “booze, sex, cool music...we had none of that.”
  • How they got to host A Bit After Ten, and how “no one seemed to notice” when it pushed them into the limelight
  • The impact of watching early comedy hit A Week of It being recorded in Christchurch

Note: Jeremy and Nigel Corbett can also been seen in this interview alongside their colleagues in Facial DBX. Jeremy also did this solo interview.

This interview was recorded for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy. All audiovisual content is copyright to Augusto, and may not be reproduced. Publication of Funny As extended interviews made possible with funding from the NZ Lotteries Grants Board.

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