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Hero image for Jeremy Elwood - Funny As Interview

Jeremy Elwood - Funny As Interview

Funny As Interviews – 2019

Jeremy Elwood is a stand-up comic, who followed up Pulp Comedy with being a regular panelist on 7 Days, and head writer of prime time current affairs show The Project. In this interview he ranges across topics including:

  • Growing up overseas, and how having an “outsider voice” has helped him in comedy 
  • How the insular nature of the Dunedin and Christchurch comedy scenes fostered unique styles of stand-up
  • Working for free as a way to kickstart his stand-up as a career in Auckland
  • His political comedy starting to land better with audiences in the early 2000s, due to the increased political awareness of New Zealanders after 9/11
  • The success of 7 Days, and the tricks of the trade to be good on it
  • Dealing with current affairs on The Project, and how he can use his comedy skills to help journalists get salient points across
This interview was recorded for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy. All audiovisual content is copyright to Augusto, and may not be reproduced. Publication of Funny As extended interviews made possible with funding from the NZ Lotteries Grants Board.