1997 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Graphics and Computer Effects (shared with Paul Densem): for Telecom Buzz Busby Campaign

1995 New Zealand Film and Television Awards
Nominated for Best Music Video: for Anchor Me (The Mutton Birds)

1994 NZ Music Video Awards
Nominated for Best Video: for The Heater (The Mutton Birds)

1993 London International Advertising Awards
Best Humour

1993 NZ Music Video Awards
Best Video: for Nature (The Mutton Birds)
Nominated for Best Video: for Giant Friend (The Mutton Birds)

1991 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France)
Best First Film: Rodney and Juliet

1990 New Zealand Film Awards
Nominated for Best Short Film: for Rodney and Juliet

1989 Lifta Awards (NZ)
Best Graphics: for Radio with Pictures opening titles

1988 New Zealand Music Awards
Best Video: for Sweet Lovers (The Holidaymakers)

1985 New Zealand Music Awards
Best Video: for Diamonds on China (The Narcs)

1984 Australian Music Industry Awards
Runner-up for Best Video: My Hearts on Fire (The Johnnies)