While studying fine art at Elam, Niamh Peren won the Best Moving Image prize for The Great Bunny Hunt. Her shorts Moustache Me Oh My and Bubblegum have played on Austria's Channel Okto. As an actor Peren has appeared in Stephen Kang's Cannes award-winning short Blue, and acclaimed docudrama Erebus: Operation Overdue. She also shared camera duties on Florian Habicht's Land of the Long White Cloud.

I thought the only way I could really learn was to see if I could do it, so I tried. It was something I needed to do. Niamh Peren on making The Great Bunny Hunt, in a 2013 interview on website The Department of News


2016, Director, Writer, Producer - Short Film


Erebus: Operation Overdue

2014, As: Claire - Television


Black Cat

2013, Co-Producer - Short Film


You are not Alone Tonight

2013, Director, Producer - Music video


We Feel Fine

2012, As: George's girlfriend - Film

What really happened   votes for women thumb.jpg.540x405

What Really Happened - Votes for Women

2012, As: Bridget - Television

In September 1893 New Zealand became the first country to grant all women the right to vote in parliamentary elections. This fly on the wall docudrama reimagines this major achievement, following Kate Sheppard (played by Sara Wiseman) throughout the final push of her campaign. The 70-minute TV movie follows the template set by director Peter Burger and writer Gavin Strawhan in their 2011 docudrama on the Treaty of Waitangi, with key characters directly addressing their 21st century audience. At the 2012 NZ TV awards, Wiseman won for Best Performance by an Actress.


Super Man

2012, As: Penny - Short Film



2011, As: Fan - Short Film

Blue tells the story of a fallen kids’ TV mascot reduced to working as a waiter in an Asian restaurant. 'Blue' keeps his happy face on as he serves customers food; occasionally he's recognised from his screen fame days, but mostly he's ignored. One day bad news arrives. The urban alienation themed-film was awarded best short at Cannes Critics' Week 2011. Korean-born Stephen Kang moved to New Zealand in 1993; his digital feature Desert was released in New Zealand theatres in 2011, and was selected for South Korea's Pusan International Film Festival.


The Great Bunny Hunt

2010, Director, Producer, Camera, Editor - Television


Land of the Long White Cloud

2009, Camera, Creative Consultant, Additional Interviews - Film

Director Florian Habicht returns to his Northland home turf to chronicle the annual Snapper Classic Fishing Contest, in this full-length documentary. First prize is $50,000, but the participants chase the joy of the cast as much as the purse. The solitary figures on the epic sweep of Ninety Mile Beach provide poetic images, as Habicht teases out homespun philosophy while fishing for answers on love, the afterlife and whether fish have feelings. The soundtrack features 50s style instrumentals from Habicht regular Marc Chesterman, plus singalongs on the sand and at the local pub.


Moustache Me Oh My

2008, As: Player, Director - Short Film



2007, Director, As: Artist - Short Film