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Alone Short Film (Full Length) – 2018 Drama


Short Film (Full Length) – 2018 Drama

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This short film about a teen struggling to connect with his father took the top prize in NZ On Screen's inaugural ScreenTest film competition for high school students. Wakatipu High School pupil Lachie Clark made Alone with his Year 13 Media Studies classmates Ella Little and Alex Booker. Following the theme "coming of age", teen Charlie (Joel Malcolm-Smith) heads to the hills to escape his dad's harsh words. ScreenTest judge Jackie van Beek (The Breaker Upperers) praised the "beautiful landscapes, cinematography and editing". TV producer Philip Smith plays the dad.

Key Cast & Crew

Philip Smith

As: Charlie's dad

Lachie Clark

Co-Director, Writer, Editor, Camera

Joel Malcolm-Smith

As: Charlie

[Lachie's] passion for the remote, isolated and visually stunning Skipper's Canyon area (where he has spent a lot of time tramping and photographing) drove much of his narrative and the overall design of the film. He wanted to convey how change can grow from isolation, and used the setting to develop this.
– Amanda Robinson, who taught Alone writer/co-director Lachie Clark at Wakitipu High School