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Burning Yearning

Short Film (Full Length) – 1989

This short animated comedy offers up a pre-Wellywood tale of Hollywood coming down under. In the fictional West Coast town of Whatawhopa, a horror movie film crew has arrived to take advantage of the town's persistent rain. When the forecast fails, the town’s lazy fire fighters — “burning and yearning for a fire”— are finally sparked into action. The National Film Unit production was directed by Bob Stenhouse (Oscar-nominated for The Frog, the Dog and the Devil) who is clearly relishing the chance to go to town on scenes of rain, lightning, fire and monsters with droopy eyes.

The Hollywood film crew was gone forever ... and all those creative people? They were a little difficult to work with, but my it was good while it lasted.
– A pre-Wellywood take on Hollywood coming to town

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

Narrator, Writer, Producer

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Bob Stenhouse

Animator, Director, Editor

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Julie Saban


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John King


Generic Profile image for Mike McCree

Mike McCree

Sound, Sound

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Chris Verburg


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