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Farr from Heaven Television (Full Length) – 2005 Documentary Arts/Culture

Farr from Heaven

Television (Full Length) – 2005 Documentary Arts/Culture

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"I love the idea of bringing sexiness into the classical arena ..." Made for TVNZ's Artsville series, documentary Farr From Heaven follows Gareth Farr composing and rehearsing a variety of musical pieces, from stage plays to a piece for percussion and orchestra. Written and directed by Roz Mason and narrated by Farr, the documentary shows the versatility of his work as a classical composer and performer (including as transvestite Lilith Lacroix). The full range of his creative process is captured, from composing and arrangement failures, to successful world premieres.

Produced by

Livingstone Productions


Produced with funding from TVNZ


Music: Part One        

'Fiji Baby' by Fisher, Fisher, Thomas and Beetra. Performed by Gareth LaCroix, Bill Hickman and Bruce McKinnon

'Wipe Out' by Berryhill, Connolly, Fuller and Wilson. Performed by Gareth Farr, Nathaniel Lees, and 2001 Toi Whakaari Drama School second year students

'Sekar Gendot' by Wayan Yudane. Performed by Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

Pukal composed by Gareth Farr, performed by Strike and Gareth Farr

Onslaught composed by Gareth Farr.Performed by the NZ Army Brass Band, Strike and Gareth Farr. Conducted by Graham Hickman

Music: Part Two       

'Jellyfish' composed by Gareth Farr. Poem by Les Murray

'Queen Butterfly' by Gareth Farr. Poem by Les Murray

Concerto for Orchestra and Percussion composed by Gareth Farr