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Hero image for Fast Forward - What a Weigh to Go

Fast Forward - What a Weigh to Go

Television (Excerpts) – 1986

Reporter Jim Hopkins nudges Country Calendar territory as he looks at a new way of weighing sheep in TVNZ's 1980s science and technology show, Fast Forward. His subject, the Warp 485, is a labour saving device which will allow one farmer and a "good dog" to weigh and draft 600 sheep an hour, and deliver stock of the desired weight to the works at the right time of the year. Hopkins has a few visual tricks up his sleeve (including some stop frame animation) but largely contents himself with throwing in as many variations of weigh/way as he can muster.

Most people have a mental block when you mention the word science and just turn off because of their experiences with the education system. That's why we don't have the word science in the title.
– Fast Forward producer Larry Podmore in North & South, November 1988, page 86

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