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Hidden in the Numbers

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2006

In this three-part series, presenter Te Radar looks at New Zealand through a statistical lens, using births, deaths, pay packets, travel, consumption of goods and leisure time, to reach some conclusions about how Kiwis live  and how that has changed. Episode one looks at urbanisation and how New Zealanders' ethnic make-up and family unit is rapidly changing. In episode two the focus is on how New Zealanders make and spend their money, and how people's expectations have developed. The final episode examines quality of life and the big footprint left by consumerism. The interviewees include academics Paul Spoonley and Caroline Daley, and social historian Tony Simpson.  

I think young people today also want a lot of things now, whereas my generation didn't, you know, We did what we did, and learnt to save, and got our house and family right before we went and committed ourselves to money.
– 'Repo' man Peter Anderson on the value of money between generations, in episode two