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Hold Up

Short Film (Full Length) – 1981

There is an unexpected turn in this short film from Gaylene Preston. It begins as a drama about a robbery; although there are three key witnesses to the crime, their accounts are all dismissed because they are disabled. The film then becomes a documentary, where the three actors who played the witnesses sit down for an interview. The trio chat about their thoughts on the story, and experiences living with cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness, respectively. Hold Up was made in support of The International Year of the Disabled in 1981; it won awards at both a film festival and a conference devoted to rehabilitation. 

Wait until everyone's gone inside. You take care of the girl behind the counter. I'll grab the money.
– Robber (Joanne Simpson) repeats the plan to her accomplice (Marshall Napier)

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Joanne Simpson

Joanne Simpson

As: Robber

Profile image for Marshall Napier

Marshall Napier

As: Robber

Generic Profile image for Ian Paul

Ian Paul


Generic Profile image for Lorraine Schriener

Lorraine Schriener

As: Jean Richardson, Subject

Profile image for Gaylene Preston

Gaylene Preston

Director, Writer, Story

Generic Profile image for Chris Orr

Chris Orr

As: Roy Ramsay, Subject

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