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How's the Weather, Jim? Television (Full Length) – 2002 Documentary

How's the Weather, Jim?

Television (Full Length) – 2002 Documentary

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Over more than two decades presenting the weather on One News, Jim Hickey kept the nation informed of the wind, rain and sunshine they could expect. In this documentary he explains how forecasts are done, and looks at some stranger meteorological phenomena. Among them are Christchurch's infamous behaviour-altering nor’wester, Wellington's persistent wind and Auckland tendency for "four seasons in one day". He checks out some of the country’s more extreme weather events too, including interviewing a tornado survivor and finding answers on climate change.

I was just sucked clean into the fence in front of me on the road. The bike went hurtling away one way and I went spinning up into god knows where ... from where I was sucked into the fence to where I landed on my back was about 100 metres away.
– Laurie Coe recalls being hit by a tornado while on his quad bike