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Hero image for The Hunt for the Pink and White Terraces

The Hunt for the Pink and White Terraces

Television (Full Length) – 2011

When Mount Tarawera erupted on 10 June 1886, it took over 100 lives. It was also thought to have destroyed the Pink and White Terraces on Lake Rotomahana, then hailed as the eighth wonder of the natural world. This documentary follows a team of New Zealand and American scientists — led by Kiwi geologist Cornel de Ronde — as they scour the lake floor, to see if any traces of the legendary structures remain. Also examined are the area's history, and the lead-up to the eruption. In 2018 de Ronde robustly criticised a theory that the remains of the terraces were now partly on land. 

Actually having access to the lake is quite difficult. It's just really hard to get in there so that probably puts a few people off. Having access to the right people and the right equipment to do the job — that's the biggest hurdle. So it's kind of who you know a little bit. And then having the right plan, having the right science objectives.
– Dr Cornel de Ronde on what it takes to survey Lake Rotomahana

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