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Hunter's Gold - First Episode Television – 1976 Drama Adventure Children

Hunter's Gold - First Episode

Television – 1976 Drama Adventure Children

PG Parental Guidance
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This classic kids’ adventure series follows a boy trying to find his missing father, amidst the 1860s Otago gold rush. The show brandished unprecedented production values, and demonstrated that NZ-made kids’ drama could be successfully exported. This first episode sees plucky Scott Hunter (Andrew Hawthorn) steal away to Tucker’s Valley, spurred on by his unsympathetic uncle. In the background pieces, writer Roger Simpson recalls creating 13 scripts at high speed, and director Tom Parkinson writes about the Kiwi landscape as character, and finding the production team. 

The goldfields is no place for a lad of your age - do you realise it would take a grown man three weeks to get there? No Scott, you can not go to Tucker’s Gully, and I'll not hear another word about it.
– Scott's Aunt (Sue Dalison-Ryan) lays down the law

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