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Kaleidoscope - Toss Woollaston

Television (Full Length) – 1987

Television New Zealand’s flagship 80s arts show looks at Sir Toss Woollaston — a pioneer of modern art in New Zealand. Topics include his development as an artist and the “struggle of painting” against accepted conventions, difficult years trying to support a family, the influence of his wife, and the liberation he felt in his mid-50s when he could finally earn a living from painting. Woollaston is blunt but generous with his time and opinions. There are precious riffs off his famous description of wanting to paint the sunlight in a landscape, “after it had been absorbed by the earth”.

... the mind of a monkey expressing itself through a human.
– A 1936 review of Toss Woollaston's work, indicating attitudes towards modern art at the time

Key Cast & Crew

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Howard Taylor


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Alison Parr

Director, Reporter

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Denis Harvey


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Michael Barry

Studio Director

Generic Profile image for Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne

Technical Producer

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Glenn Fitzgerald

Sound Mix

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