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Kete Aronui - Fiona Pardington Television (Excerpts) – 2006 Documentary Arts/Culture Māori

Kete Aronui - Fiona Pardington

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Episode four, series four of this Māori artists’ profile series, tracks eminent photographer Fiona Pardington. In this extract Pardington works with her brother Neil, and discusses her life path: her Māori roots, wanting to be a photographer at age six, art school, and the hard road to making a living as an artist. Describing her medium as one of mood and depth, her search is for a balance of knowledge and wairua. Includes images of her stunning interpretations of cultural taonga, such as specimens of esteemed (and extinct) huia birds, and carved pounamu.

Simply I could describe my art as being … it may have many different faces but it's always from the heart. That is something that I think is often lacking, or frowned upon, in contemporary practice. But I've decided since I'm a little bit older that I don't really have time for worrying about what people are thinking about me, I'm much more interested in following the intuitions I have about what's right for the things that I see.
– Pardington on her work