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Lexi Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2014 Drama


Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2014 Drama

M Mature
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This self-funded feature follows the travails of Lexi (Request Ahomana), a young Pacific Island Kiwi cleaning for a bitter elderly woman, and struggling to find her identity in the town of Oamaru. A meeting with a young man (Dean Hanns) provides her with a prospective ride out of town — but obstacles on that road include the young man's past, the gambling addict sister she shares a flat with, and finding the courage to chase her dreams. Lexi marks the first feature film written, directed and produced by Wayne Turner. In the excerpt, Lexis argues with her sister. 

Key Cast & Crew

Request Ahomana

As: Lexi

Mercer Laumanu

As: Kohia

Wayne Turner

Director, Writer, Producer, Camera, Editor, Production Designer, Sound Design

In Lexi’s story, I wanted to explore the concept of ‘isolation’. Two of the film’s main characters are isolated from their loved ones and their community. Firstly, Lexi is thousands of kilometres from her family, village and traditional Oceania culture. Secondly, the elderly Mrs Enderby lives alone in an empty villa, mourns the loss of her husband, has no contact with neighbours and is abandoned by her own family.
– Writer/director Wayne Turner

Produced by

Kahu Films


Kahu Films


Available to rent and buy on Vimeo and Reelhouse

World premiere in Oamaru's Limelight Cinema on 16 October 2014


Original music by Emily Muli, Shaun Hopper, Andy Othling, Gutta Beatz, D Gautreau and Terry Green