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Hero image for Loading Docs 2020 - About Bloody Time!

Loading Docs 2020 - About Bloody Time!

Web (Full Length) – 2020

In this short documentary, mother and filmmaker Rachel Judkins addresses the shame, stress and sadness that comes with her monthly period  an act of self-discovery she believes is well overdue. At 40 years old, Judkins has had over 300 periods. In this film she explores her menstrual journey from young teenagehood to adult life as a wife and mother, with honesty and humour. Judkins has spent her career helping other directors' visions come to life as a researcher for film and television.  About Bloody Time marks her debut at the directorial helm, and she is supported by an all-women team. 

I have to admit that I’m not an overly ambitious person but I would love to be able to use storytelling to touch people’s lives and hopefully make some small change in the world for the better.
– Director Rachel Judkins in an interview for website The Honest Mum, 1 September 2020

Key Cast & Crew

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Rachel Judkins

Director, Subject, Additional Camera Operator

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Linda Hughes


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Jess Charlton


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Anthea Ede Smith


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Juliette Veber


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Luana Barnes

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