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Memories of Service 5 - Albert Asher Web (Full Length) – 2017 Documentary War

Memories of Service 5 - Albert Asher

Web (Full Length) – 2017 Documentary War

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At 101 Arthur Asher offers a remarkable account of his experiences in World War II. Dates and events come easily to mind as he narrates his time in the North African desert war and Greece. Caught up in the gruelling battle at Bel Hamid near Tobruk, Asher was later wounded by an exploding mine. A stay in a convalescent camp felt more like being in prison to Asher, who went on to fight the German advance in Greece, shooting down a spotter plane in the process. Back in North Africa, he was hit by a car, ending his war with a broken leg and jaw. Asher died on 19 May 2017.

Key Cast & Crew

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Edward Larsen


David blyth thumbnail.key.jpg.180x180

David Blyth

Producer, Director, Interviewer


Patricia Stroud

Research, Producer, Producer

In the morning, we saw all these carriages coming back, all the chaps coming from Dunkirk. And lo and behold, they come out with great big steaming cups of coffee and sandwiches for the Kiwis, and these poor beggars in the carriage alongside us were starving, just coming from the beaches.
– Arthur Asher