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Mothers of the Revolution

Film (Trailer) – 2021

Parental Guidance

In late 1981 a group of Welsh women calling themselves ‘Women for Life on Earth walked almost 200 kilometres, as a living protest against the British Government’s decision to allow American nuclear cruise missiles to be stored at a Royal Air Force base, at Greenham Common near London. This documentary traces 20 years of protest action and international missions by ordinary women from across the world, who wanted to end the Cold War and stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Narrated by British actor Glenda Jackson, the feature documentary is directed by Kiwi Briar March (There Once was an Island).  

The end of the Cold War rendered the airfield near Newbury In Berkshire, southern England, surplus to requirements. The last Americans took off from the longest runway in Europe in June 1991. Bats and kestrels now roost in bunkers which used to house missiles. Last February, the Ministry of Defence said it would end its 50-year annexation of Greenham Common.
– Reuters journalist Robert Woodward, in The Evening Post, 12 June 1993, page 14

Key Cast & Crew

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Glenda Jackson


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Bruno Barrett-Garnier

Sound Design

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Leela Menon


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Lachlan Anderson


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Matthew Metcalfe

Producer, Writer, Story

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Maria Ines Manchego


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