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My Lady of the Cave

Film (Full Length) – 1922

Rudall Hayward was just 21 when he began making his first full-length silent movie, My Lady of the Cave. A wistful young clerk (Robert Ramsay, who later tried his luck in Hollywood) falls overboard on a boat trip and washes up on an island. He meets a mysterious woman (Hazel de Montalk) who appears to be a prisoner. The clerk enlists a friend to free his 'cave lady' from her jailer and they uncover a tragic story. As was common in silent movie days, different sections of the film are 'tinted' in various colours. Hayward was prolific; he made four features in the 1920s alone, including Māori-Pākehā drama Rewi's Last Stand.

Oh for the Bay on a breezy day, and the gals a callin' O! We'll see 'em today, All pretty and gay, In the Bay of Plenty O!
– Sailor Bill breaks out the accordian for a sea shanty

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Frank Stewart

Frank Stewart


Generic Profile image for Robert Ramsay (aka Gordon Campbell)

Robert Ramsay (aka Gordon Campbell)

As: The Mill Clerk

Generic Profile image for Hazel de Montalk (née Hazel West)

Hazel de Montalk (née Hazel West)

As: Beryl Trite

Generic Profile image for HT Gibson

HT Gibson

Original Author

Profile image for Rudall Hayward

Rudall Hayward

Director, Writer, Producer

Generic Profile image for John Courts

John Courts

Costume Designer (for Hazel de Montalk)

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Produced by

Bay of Plenty Films