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New Faces Old Fears

Television (Full Length) – 2004

Nominated for a Qantas Media Award, this documentary examines prejudices against Asians in New Zealand, as immigration grows (80,000 ethnic Chinese and 20,000 Koreans have arrived in New Zealand since 1988). Directors John Bates and Manying Ip look back at the history of Asian settlement in Aotearoa: from colonial xenophobia and a poll tax inflicted only on Chinese migrants, through "ching chong Chinaman" abuse, to the present day — where 21st century migrants face struggles with discrimination, language barriers and integrating in their new home. 

There’s some students that would crack an Asian comment, and then they’d realise that I’m there and go, ‘oh, but not you’. Some students would say, ‘oh I wish they’d all go back to their own country’, and they’d realise that I’m sitting there and go, ‘oh but not you.’
– Susasga Yang

Key Cast & Crew

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Manying Ip


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John Bates

Co-Director, Producer

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Harry Lyon


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Karen Bates

Producer, Script Editor

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Don Anderson

Additional Sound Recordist

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Phil Donovan

Additional Sound Recordist

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Produced by

Bates Productions


Made with funding from NZ On Air