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Open Door - Autism Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009 Documentary

Open Door - Autism

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009 Documentary

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Is Mainstream really best though ?What evidence do we really have of our ASD childrens mainstream education achievements,happiness etc in reality Mainstreaming is actually based on Economics. The knowledge level of my sons preschool teachers is not impressive(and they are fairly recently trained) They barely seem aware of the seven known senses that can cause such havoc for our children. My son is nearly 4 and "Aspergers"
We need to look at the training of Teachers in NZ as it appears grossly inadequate.A Sue Larkey session should be the absolute minimum requiremant! with yearly refreshers. Our children deserve better.
I am extremely uneasy about my son commencing school and I think with good reason so I will be looking at private options that we cant really afford.


Jenay 12 Dec 2011 - 12.06am

The ASD dvd IN MY SHOES produced by Autism NZ is an excellent video to show classmates and teachers. There is a section aimed at primary school kids, college age and maori families. My ASD son also enjoys watching it... perhaps he relates to the behaviours he sees on screen.

This episode of Open Door is good but only focuses on mainstream education for children with Autism. Special schools and special needs units are also options for less able children, with some mainstream access. My son could not cope in a classroom all day and is being gradually introduced to that environment with huge success.

no name

no name 18 May 2010 - 12.35pm

about time someone did this... mum of 2 asd kids in auckland. thank you now i can show this to school & perhaps change my childrens life.
regards hm


helen 17 May 2010 - 08.19pm

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