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Film (Excerpts) – 1980


Richard Turner made Squeeze to break the "conspiracy of silence" about homosexuality. A pioneering early portrait of Auckland's LGBT scene, Squeeze centres on the relationship between a young man (Paul Eady) and the confident executive (Robert Shannon) who romances him, then mentions he has a fiancée. The film was discussed in Parliament after Patricia Bartlett campaigned against the possibility it might get NZ Film Commission funding (it didn't). Kevin Thomas in The LA Times praised Squeeze's integrity and the "steadfast compassion with which it views its hero".

[T]he film incensed Patricia Bartlett and the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards who campaigned vigorously against it. Writing to MPs to express their concern over the subject matter and the possibility that Government might finance such a film, the Society caused the film to be debated in Parliament. Some say this resulted in the addition of clause 18b in the Film Commission Act — which states that the Commission must have due regard to normal standards of general public morality.
– Film Archive historian Diane Pivac on Squeeze

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Paul Eady

Paul Eady

As: Paul

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Robert Shannon

As: Grant

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Richard Turner

Director, Producer, Writer

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Yvette Parsons

As: Girl at Bus Stop

Generic Profile image for David Herkt

David Herkt

As: John

Generic Profile image for Faye Flegg

Faye Flegg

As: Kate

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Produced by

Trilogic Productions


Trilogic Productions


Soundtrack composed by Andrew Hagan and Morton Wilson (from band Schtung). Opening and closing track 'Squeeze' by Toy Love. Also features songs by Marching Girls, The Features and Streetplayers