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Tash Keddy on first crashing into Shortland Street

Web (Extras) – 2017

Tash Keddy made history in March 2016 as the first transgender actor to play an ongoing transgender role on New Zealand television — joining Shortland Street to play Blue Nathan, a teenage girl who identifies as a boy. Keddy trained in fine arts at Elam before winning the role. In this short interview and accompanying clip from the show, Keddy recalls Blue's dramatic onscreen arrival in the corridors of the hospital. “I really liked my entry storyline ... Blue came in in this huge bundle of energy and stole stuff and punched someone, and had a scuffle".  

I have noticed that with sensationalising particular issues also comes a reduction of the natural depth that everyone possesses. I feel strongly that media outlets have a responsibility to not fall into the trap of just picking up and perpetuating clickbait-type stereotypes, as resisting this actively helps grow an environment where discrimination is harder to justify
– Tash Keddy on playing Blue in an NZ Herald Viva interview, 2016

Key Cast & Crew

Laurel Devenie

As: Kate Nathan

Tash Keddy

As: Blue Nathan

Jo Raj

Director - Interview

Wendy Adams

Sound - Interview

Yves Simard

Camera - Interview