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The Grass is Greener - Harry M Miller

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1991

Harry M Miller grew up in New Zealand where he learnt the ropes of being a manager and promoter — including for the Howard Morrison Quartet — before moving to Australia. There he made a name for himself, bringing legendary entertainers like Judy Garland to the country, plus major theatrical productions like Jesus Christ Superstar. In this series about expat Kiwis in Australia, the charismatic salesman expands on his greatest achievements and his philosophy of working hard. He also contrasts the two countries, and explains why he spent the majority of his career in Australia. Miller died in July 2018 at age 84.

...he also told of the use of four letter words, and variations on one four letter word in particular.
– A television reporter shares a Catholic reviewer's horror at one of Harry M Miller's theatrical productions

Key Cast & Crew

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Stephen Smith

Sound Mix

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John Gilbert


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Judy Rymer

Director, Producer

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Brian Thomson


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Bayly Watson

Producer, Cinematographer

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Jan Preston


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