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Utu Pihikete

Short Film (Full Length) – 2013

A colonial widow, recently arrived in New Zealand from England, answers an advertisement from a stoic settler for a wife. They agree to an arrangement. Later Mrs Brown forms an attachment to their Māori servant girl Atawhai, and slowly learns the secret behind her presence. Written by playwright April Phillips (who also plays Mrs Brown) this short film was directed by Christchurch theatre director Craig Hutchison. It was filmed at Wellington's Nairn Street Cottage. ‘Utu Pihikete’ was a derogatory term for half-caste children meaning “paid for in biscuits”.

She's half of you ... you owe her.
– Beth Brown to Tom Brown

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Steven Ray

Steven Ray

As: Tom Brown

Profile image for April Phillips

April Phillips

Writer, As: Beth Brown

Generic Profile image for Craig Hutchison

Craig Hutchison

Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Victoria-Rose Manu

Victoria-Rose Manu

As: Atawhai

Generic Profile image for Ralph Johnson

Ralph Johnson

As: Reverend

Generic Profile image for Cara Louise Waretini

Cara Louise Waretini

Costume Designer

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