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Weekly Review No. 446

Short Film (Full Length) – 1950

This 1950 edition of the Weekly Review series welcomes the touring British Lions rugby team in Wellington, where speeches are given on the wharf. It was the first post-war tour by the Lions (notable for the debut of their iconic red jerseys — not able to be discerned in this black and white reel!). Then it’s down to Canterbury Museum to explore displays of moa bones, cave paintings and the relics of the moa hunters. Finally it’s up to the farthest north to visit Te Rerenga Wairua, for a look at life keeping the ‘lonely lighthouse’ at Cape Reinga Station. 

At the foot of the corpse these ancient Polynesians have placed a blown moa’s egg, probably containing drinking water for the next world.
– From the narration, on a moa hunter display at Canterbury Museum

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Earl Bailey

Earl Bailey


Generic Profile image for John Barry

John Barry

Editor - Lighthouse, Writer - Lighthouse

Generic Profile image for Briton Chadwick

Briton Chadwick

Narrator - Museum & Lighthouse

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Selwyn Toogood

Narrator - British Rugby

Generic Profile image for Cedric Herbert

Cedric Herbert

Editor - British Rugby, Writer - British Rugby

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Dick Crone


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