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Whistle She Rolls

Short Film (Full Length) – 1996


This 1996 short film is billed as "a lyrical and musical tale of love at the crossroads”. Shot through a blue filter, the dialogue-free tale follows a trumpet-playing young woman at a railway station, as she romances and dances to vinyl records with a young man. After a lively meeting with his family, an invitation to a dance forces her to choose how she rolls. Armagan Ballantyne's first short was made in the Czech Republic during studies at Prague's Famu film school. It competed at the Venice Film Festival. Ballantyne went on to direct 2009 feature film The Strength of Water.

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Lucie Žáčková

Lucie Žáčková

As: Young woman

Profile image for Armağan Ballantyne

Armağan Ballantyne

Director, Producer, Writer

Generic Profile image for Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones

Writer, Editor, Assistant Director

Generic Profile image for Rudolf Stärz

Rudolf Stärz

As: Young man's father

Generic Profile image for Hana Frejková

Hana Frejková

As: Young man's mother

Generic Profile image for Christian Mercer

Christian Mercer

As: Young man

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Produced by

Schnapper Productions


Opening credits song "I Am a Baby (in My Universe)' , plus 'Desperate Man Blues' and 'Walking the Cow' all composed by Daniel Johnston, and sung by Kathy McCarty