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Zoo Babies - Raising Baby Iwani Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006 Documentary

Zoo Babies - Raising Baby Iwani

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006 Documentary

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Zoo Babies - Raising Baby Iwani was a spin-off from long-running Greenstone series The Zoo. Capitalising on the cute charisma of baby animals, it highlights the inherent dramas of animal breeding programmes at zoos. Filmed at Auckland Zoo, this documentary follows the story of surviving twin Baby Iwani, a Siamang gibbon, whose mother rejected him at six weeks of age. Senior primate keeper Christine Tintinger takes on the role of surrogate Mum, hand-raising Iwani for a year before giving him back to his mother. The documentary originally screened in two parts.

Key Cast & Crew

Andrea Lamb

Director, Executive Producer

Maree Quinn


Kylie Henderson

Production Manager

Well that caused the heart to palpitate a little bit! Obviously this is mother, and she forced herself through the slide so I had to get out quick ... She's never done that before!
– Zookeeper Christine Tintinger, when Iwani's mother makes a surprise entrance