Presenter, producer, director, there's not much Mark Leishman hasn't done in his long broadcasting career. Starting out as a continuity announcer before moving to regional news, Leishman has gone on to make or host some of New Zealand's best-loved shows including Tux Wonderdogs. Animal shows have featured heavily along with sport and game shows and his easy manner has been appreciated by viewers around the world.

One of my greatest experiences was travelling the circumference of Australia to record the adventures of Sir Peter Blake in the Bi-Centennial Race Around Australia. Mark Leishman

The Daily Report

2013, Presenter


ANZ Golf World

2013 - ongoing, Presenter


Road to the Young Farmer Final

2010 - present, Producer


Country 99

2009 - present, News Presenter


The Great New Zealand Spelling Bee

2008, Presenter


The Dog Listener Downunder

2007, Presenter, Producer


Kohi Comes Home

2004, Director, Presenter


Trio at the Top

2001, Narrator - Television

This documentary uses archive footage and interviews to tell the story of motor-racing legends Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, and Chris Amon. The trio topped podiums in the sport's 'golden age' — one of those eras when unlikely Kiwi talent managed to dominate a truly global sport. The Team McLaren racing team that four times Grand Prix winner Bruce McLaren founded in 1966, has been the most successful in Formula One. That same year McLaren and Amon teamed up to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and in 1967 Hulme was Formula One world champion. 


Coming out of the Dark

2000, Producer, Director


Jim’s Car Show

2000 - 2001, Presenter


Tux Super Dog Challenge

2000, Producer, Director


Tux Wonder Dogs - Series Six, Episode Six

1993 - 1999, 2004 - 2005, Presenter, Producer - Television

Dogs of all shapes and sizes — from huskies and ridgebacks to Alaskan malamutes and King Charles spaniels — compete in this episode of TVNZ's canine challenge. Encouraged by their unfailingly devoted owners, they display varying degrees of ability and interest in an obstacle course, sprints, fetching and scent tests. Away from the cauldron of competition, presenter Mark Leishman's golden Labrador Dexter — the real star of the series — has his portrait painted and there's home video of the lengths, and heights, one dog will go to for a drink of water.


The Golf Show/HSBC Golf Club

2012, Producer


A Different Beat

1997, Producer, Producer


Reaching for the Stars

1996, Producer, Director


Kohi: A Guide For Life

1995, Producer, Director


A Friend For Life

1994, Producer, Director


Rugby New Zealand’s Big Game

1993, Presenter


Sunday Grandstand

1992, Presenter


The Son of a Gunn Show - Christmas Special

1992, Guest - Television

Jason Gunn and sidekick Thingee present a Christmas Day special as only they can. Guests include Wonder Dogs host Mark Leishman, singers Debbie Harwood and Kim Willoughby and All Black Va’aiga “Inga the Winger” Tuigamala. The fate of Christmas dinner hangs in the balance as guests and audience members take part in competitions that include an unfortunate way to make eggnog. Some bizarre presents are exchanged and there’s a cameo for Gunn's Mum. Jason also manages a Paul Holmes impression (along with some Frank Spencer and a dash of Rik Mayall).


Animal Antics

1992, Presenter



1992, Presenter


The Paradise Picture Show

1991, Presenter


This Week in San Diego

1991, Reporter, Presenter


Auckland Commonwealth Games

1990, Reporter


That's Fairly Interesting - Phil Keoghan Montage

1989, Presenter - Television

This wryly-titled 80s show was a homegrown take on US show That’s Incredible!, with the spectacular stunts and supernatural happenings of the original replaced with more downbeat kiwiana kitsch subjects. This excerpt from an end of season review looks at highlights from presenter Phil Keoghan’s contribution. The future Amazing Race host tries a spaghetti eating competition (post-bungy jumping), giraffe feeding, land sailing, snowboarding, male cheerleading, cow pat tossing and a cowboy up challenge. TFI was the first series from production company Communicado.


Mud and Glory

1989 - 1990,1989 - 1990, Presenter, Reporter, Presenter, Reporter


Peter Blake Bi-Centennial Race Around Australia

1988, Director


This Week in Brisbane

1988, Presenter, Reporter


That's Fairly Interesting

1988 - 1989, Director, Presenter - Television

This 80s relic was a homegrown take on US show That's Incredible!, with spectacular stunts and supernatural happenings replaced with subjects that were more kiwiana kitsch than wow! It was the first show from production company Communicado; presenters included Tim Shadbolt, Neil Roberts, Sue Kedgley, Phil Gifford and Phil Keoghan. In a Vanity Fair interview to illustrate Kiwi's "enormous understatement" Jane Campion famously quipped: "You know, they used to have a program on TV in New Zealand, That's Fairly Interesting. [...] In America, it's That's Incredible!"



1986 - 1988, Presenter


Young Farmer of the Year

2003 - ongoing, Presenter, Producer


Today Tonight

1984 - 1987, Presenter - Television

Wellington's Today Tonight began, along with other regional news shows in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin, after the amalgamation of TV One and SPTV in 1980. Its catchment was diverse, covering the wider Wellington area, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, the Wairarapa and extending to Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast in the South Island. Presenters over the years included Roger Gascoigne, Leighton Smith, Mike Bodnar and Mark Leishman. The regional news shows bowed out in Auckland and Wellington in 1989, having yielded to the Holmes era. 


Top Town

1986 - 1990, Presenter - Television

This iconic travelling TV game show pitted teams representing New Zealand towns against each other in a series of colourful physical challenges. Top Town was run over a series of weekly heats, staged in different towns on local sports fields. It leveraged nostalgia for a fast-fading time when NZ's population (and identity) resided in rural hub towns. The series was light-hearted light-entertainment gold, but the battle for civic bragging rights was serious stuff and it screened for 14 years from 1976 until 1990.