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  1. The Bats


The Bats in a suitably enigmatic mood in a video directed by John Chrisstoffels that is as mysterious as the song itself. What was said that is causing the protagonist so much reflection is never really clear - and neither is the reason why the unidentifiable figure with the spade is burying cutlery and a barometer on a hillside high on Godley Head overlooking Pegasus Bay. Elsewhere the band perform at King Edward Barracks (now a parking lot in central Christchurch) and in their practice room, as well as with some of their favourite toys. 


[This video is made available by The Film Archive]

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I heard this song on an underground-like radio station whilst traveling from Hayward to Santa Cruz, California. It stuck in my head, so I looked it up. Good song.



cool song, obviously something you used to do before kids came along haha



Cool song



Great music


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 John Chrisstoffels
 Paul Kean

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