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The Aotearoa Hip Hop Summit held in Auckland 2001, was the biggest hip hop event ever staged in New Zealand. This documentary showcases the hottest names in the four elements of NZ hip hop: break dancers, graf artists, MCs and DJs. Featuring international acts from Germany and Australia, with Ken Swift representing old skool break dancing from New York and Tha Liks from Los Angeles. Local acts include Che Fu, Te Kupu, King Kapisi, P Money and DJ Sir-Vere. Presenters are Hayden Hare and Trent Helmbright.

Credits (4)

 Brendon Butt
 Claudette Hauiti
 Hayden Hare

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dark tower? 'the scene rejected them'? not the scenes fault Baggy Trousers isn't a hiphop classic.



pity the scene rejected dark tower back then, aside from dam native, they're probably the most unique hip hop act nz has ever produced.

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 Front of the Box Productions


 Front of the Box Productions


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 Aotearoa Hip Hop
 NZ Music Month


[on the DJ community] We've all sort of been in the battles and seen each other over the last 2 years basically. It's kind of like a nice little crew that's getting together. It's like meeting old friends y'know. We get together, we talk about DJ-ing and stuff and just what's been happening in each other's little lives. 
Me personally, a highlight for the weekend has gotta be a chance to check out all this local talent. We've gathered it from Christchurch, Tauranga, Wellington as well, well represented, and it's just been really good to establish that hip hop network and share the knowledge. 
I'm always conceptually gonna dance in my life even if I'm not actually on the floor. If you love music you're always gonna move and that's what dance is, letting the music move you.