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Fat Freddy's Drop - Based on a True Story

Television (Full Length) – 2006

This documentary follows the "seven headed soul monster direct from the shores of Wellington" — Fat Freddys Drop — as they rumble their dub-rich sound through Europe like a Houghton Bay roller. Touring to showcase album Based on a True Story, it features rehearsals and performances, eating Italian kai moana, playing concrete ping pong in Berlin, and (in the fifth clip) a jam with Cliff Curtis. Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe lauds the 'fullas' and Mu explains whanau to German journos. True Story sold 120,000+ copies and dominated the 2005 New Zealand Music Awards.


Sometimes it's not just blatantly listening to other wicked bands, it's just everything about being on a tour and those new experiences that kind of inspires new music I reckon.
– Chris Faiumu (MPC Technician)

Key Cast & Crew

Sarah Hunter

Creative Director, Additional Camera, Story Concept

Libby Hakaraia

Producer, Director

Neil Talbot

Additional Camera

Cliff Curtis


James Anderson

Additional Camera

Hayden Collow

Sound Mix

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