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  1. The Androidss


One of the great rock'n'roll songs about Auckland is the work of a Christchurch band. 'Auckland Tonight' is The Androidss' claim to fame - and yet it was the b-side of their only single. The work of a band that was never scared of a good time, it extols the virtues of a night on the town with special mention of Proud Scum and Toy Love playing at the Windsor Castle. The TVNZ video careers around rain soaked streets (with a shot of the long-gone Harbour Bridge toll booths) and offers telling glimpses of The Androidss' bête noir - the central police station.

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 Hillsborough crew

Hillsborough crew

goodbye Nelly, see you on the other side....QQ

 Hilary Rowley

Hilary Rowley

I hitched from Dunedin to Auckland with this in my head the whole way. Got there in 2 days.... thanks Androids.

 jim reinke

jim reinke

geat old songs and videos, sure does bring back memories and yes i remember the toll booths on the harbour bridge

 Martyn Whitehead

Martyn Whitehead

love this song brings back great memories , AK79 opened my eyes to this wonderful Auckland scene ...



Nice bunch of fun-loving guys. i remember them at the Nile River festival.


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