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Dame Catherine Tizard has been many things: mother, marriage celebrant, civic leader and Her Majesty's rep in NZ. Here Tizard takes reporter Marcia Russell through her life, from a Waikato town (where she was wary of becoming a farmer's wife); through marrying her uni lecturer; leading Auckland as mayor; to her Governor-General role. Her front-running story parallels societal changes that presented increased opportunities for Kiwi women. A roll-call of Governors-General outlines how for over 100 years the position was held exclusively by white British males.

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 Nathan James Ngatai

Nathan James Ngatai

Dame Catherine Tizard has never been Head of State for New Zealand. The Head of State for New Zealand since the 6th Feb 1952 has been HM The Queen, Elizabeth the Second. Dame Catherine Tizard was Her Majesty representative!


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