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Hudson and Halls - A Love Story

Television (Full Length) – 2001

They came, they battered, they bickered. Peter Hudson and David Halls were as famous for their on-screen spats as their recipes. The couple ("are we gay? Well we're certainly merry") turned cooking into comedy, and won Entertainer of the Year at the 1981 Feltex Awards. This 73-minute documentary explores their enduring relationship and tragic passing — from memorable early days entertaining dinner guests at home and running a shoe store, through to television fame in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The interviews include close friends, and many of those who worked with them in television.

Their banter came absolutely naturally ... they seemed to second-guess each other, which in a way went into the show as well. They seemed to know what the other was thinking. Those routines when they were cooking were more second nature than scripted. They weren't really planned. They worked as a team.
– Television producer John Carlaw

Key Cast & Crew

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John Carlaw


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David Halls


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Juliet Monaghan

Director, Writer

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Paul Barrett


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Peter Hudson


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Philippa Mossman

Producer, Research

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