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Updated Out Run-style back projection effects give this Tim Van Dammen clip momentum, and along with Boh's seductive performance, drive a terrific song.


"The 1965 mustang was kindly donated for the shoot, which was during the weekend of the 48 Hour Film Festival ... we were asked to turn the playback down about five times by nearby crews trying to get dialogue [for their 48 Hour films] (no hard feelings guys - I hope)."

Blur and Sharpen - May 09

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 Brian Jamieson

Brian Jamieson

Hats of to Boh - I thought this was Bic - what an immensely talented family!

 Brian Jamieson

Brian Jamieson

Bic Runga rocks - New Zealand's greatest export!



great video and song. it's too bad it cant be embedded and shared on websites around the world!


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 Tim van Dammen

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