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Mega Time Squad Film (Trailer) – 2018 Sci-fi Action Comedy

Mega Time Squad

Film (Trailer) – 2018 Sci-fi Action Comedy

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John (Anton Tennet) is a small town crim with a big time dream: to abscond from Thames to Paeroa with his boss’s sister. A robbery gone wrong and a mysterious Chinese bracelet send his plans into a spin, and he finds that going back to the future has a price. Hong Kong action movies, Kiwi slapstick and time travel head to the heartland in Tim van Dammen’s follow-up to Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song. Jonathan Brugh (What We Do in the Shadows) plays the villain; Milo Cawthorne and Yoson An are also in the cast. Mega Time Squad was selected for the Fantasia festival in Montreal.

Key Cast & Crew

Anton Tennet

As: John

Tim van Dammen

Director, Writer

Anna Duckworth


With its idiosyncratic humour and quirky take on time travel, this no-budget indie movie is destined to become a Kiwi cult favourite. It's a lot of fun and very funny as Johnny repeatedly jumps back in time to help himself get out of the trouble he can't help getting himself into.
– Writer Karl Puschmann on Mega Time Squad, The NZ Herald, 26 July 2018

Produced by

Blur and Sharpen


Released in New Zealand cinemas on 30 August 2018

World premiere on 16 July 2018 at Montreal's Salle JA De Sève cinema, as part of Canada's 2018 Fantasia International Film Festival 

New Zealand premiere on 20 July 2018 at Auckland's Hollywood Avondale Cinema, as part of the 2018 NZ International Film Festival