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Made by Turkish director Tolga Örnek, this acclaimed film’s subject is the 1915 Gallipoli campaign in World War I. A point of difference is that it is narrated by people representing both sides of the catastrophic battle. Dramatisations, restored film, interviews with experts, and poignant reading from letters and diaries (Sam Neill and Jeremy Irons for the ANZAC and British forces and Zafer Ergin for the Turks) personalises the experience of the carnage. Urban Cinefile described the international co-production as a "potent and magnificent documentary".

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 Tolga Örnek
 Peter Hankwitz
 Burak Örnek

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I went into this documentary about the Gallipoli campaign wondering how it could possibly have anything new to say to an Australian audience. And it doesn't. It's the manner of the telling that will shake you, for it comes from inside the belly of the beast — drawn from a collection of diaries, letters and memoirs written by those who were there. 
In their diaries and the letters during the summer, the soldiers talked much more about the disease and the conditions than the fighting. I really wanted to be as confrontational as possible about that, to make people feel how I felt as I read the diaries. 
Gallipoli is a noble, serious and comprehensive piece of work which deserves to stand for the next century as the definitive film record of what one soldier called ‘an absent-minded war’.