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Long isolated and the last land mass to be settled, New Zealand contains a world of Alice Through the Looking Glass natural oddities: birds, insects and plants like nowhere else. Jared Diamond remarked, "it is the nearest approach to life on another planet". Front-running camera techniques (earning a Merit Award at 2002 International Wildlife Film Festival) and Māori myth reveal these Ghosts of Gondwana, delving into the night-time world of ancient forests: bat-filled tree trunk saunas, “demon grasshopper” weta, and furry kiwi with chopstick bills.

Credits (16)

 Rod Morris
 Peter Hayden
 Ian McGee

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As an archaeology student I feel obliged to comment on the Moriori topic. The moriori were people of the Chatham Islands. It was thought that there was a two wave migration from polynesia to New Zealand however, this was not the case. The theory that Maori were cannibals comes from 1800's propoganda due to the embarrassment that the Europeans had when they banished Te Kootie to the Chatham Islands during the land wars. The Maori were agressive towards the Moriori but Te Kootie stole a boat off the Europeans. This is just a case of bad chinese whispers.



Hi Sara, I'm not sure where you're getting your 'facts' on Moriori, but would recommend doing a little background reading. Even wiki has it about right:



I viewed this doco with interest. I note there was a translation into maori, is there a video in Maori as well? If so where can one access it?
Ignore the negative comments and arguments whether or not Maori, Moriori whalers sealers were here first. Its just astonishing to realize the evolution of some of our native gems.
Kia ora Wiremu.



dont forget the aliens or atlantis! that comment below about the fault is just offensive



Easy on the Cannibal airhead.

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2002 IWFF International Wildlife Film Festival at Missoula
Merit Award for Excellent Footage