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In an age before Rogernomics, well before The Office, there was the afternoon tea fund, Golden Kiwi, and four o'clock closing: welcome to the early 80s world of the New Zealand Public Service. Gliding On (1981 - 1985) was the first locally-made sitcom to become a bona-fide classic. Inspired by Roger Hall's hit play Glide Time, the award-winning series satirised a paper-pushing working life familiar to many Kiwis. This episode features Beryl's non-smoking campaign, Jim's efforts to kick the habit, office sexual innuendo and a much-debated fire drill. "Morning Jim!"


The writer's perspective by Roger Hall 09.10.2009

Gliding On was turned down twice by TV. One of the times it was turned down was because it was ”too radio”. It was “too radio” because it had by that stage been a radio series, and when TV asked for storylines I ...

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 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

@ Blair, the theme song is "Good Old Desk", written and performed by Harry Nilsson



Who did the theme song?



The comparison to The Office (also made in the Billy T bio) seems a bit rich. Gliding On is not the forerunner of The Office, it is the type of show Gervais targets in his When The Whistle Blows show-within-a-show in Extras.



Yes It would be great to get the complete Gliding On on DVD. Fingers crossed someone will see the sence in doing this.

 John Hauenstein

John Hauenstein

Good news for those looking for Gliding On on dvd ! !
Sony NZ have released a series called Kiwi Gold, a selection of Kiwi TV shows from the 70s, 80s & 90s on dvd. Available at most retailers. (official release date was Nov 10th)
Vol 2 of Kiwi Gold, has 2 episodes of Gliding on, including, the above episode, No smoke without fire.
Shame that TVNZ can't get their act together and release a complete dvd release.
This Sony dvd release, with 2 episodes, will just have to do for the meantime !!

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Don’t forget the surprise fire drill this afternoon; tomorrow we’ll do first-degree burns and tidal waves. 
Y'know if a really big one does hit Wellington the only safe place will be civil defence headquarters, under the Beehive. The only survivors will be the 92 MPs. Hey imagine it, the foundation of a whole new society based on Mrs Tirikatene-Sullivan and Marilyn Waring! 
I started taking a course of first aid out at Stokes Valley [...] Only Mrs McQuinney ran off with the man who was demonstrating the kiss of life.