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Greenstone is the tale of a Māori woman whose beauty is used as a pawn by her ambitious father, Chief Te Manahau. In episode one, the missionary-educated Marama (Simone Kessell) travels to England with her father (George Henare), who sets about arranging an arms deal while she falls for their English host, ex-military man Sir Geoffrey Halford. Created for TV One by Greg McGee, the ambitious series was initially developed as a co-production between local company Communicado and the BBC. Local iwi Tainui helped fund the series, after the BBC withdrew.

Credits (20)

 Robin Scholes
 Stephen Lowe
 Te Paki Cherrington

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 David Zimmerly

David Zimmerly

I too would love to see this series again. I helped to launch APTN (Aboriginal People's Television Network) in Canada in 1999 and Greenstone was the first major mini-series carried by the new network. Please consider a Blu-ray or iTunes release, if possible. This was a sumptuous, invigorating, moving series which deserves to be viewed and heard in today's HD quality.

 Jean Martin

Jean Martin

I've been looking for this on DVD or any other format for several years. Please let me know when it is available for purchase. Thanks!

 te arawa

te arawa

Put it bk on tv

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