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Expat Kiwi Rewi Alley became one of the best known foreigners in 20th Century China and advocate for the Communist Revolution. When China was under siege from Japan in the late 1930s, Alley instigated an industrial co-op movement he termed  ‘gung ho' (work together). Its success led to the phrase entering the global idiom. For this documentary a Geoff Steven-led crew travelled 15,000km in China in 1979, filming Alley as he gave his account of an engrossing, complex life story. Co-writer Geoff Chapple later wrote a biography of Alley.

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 Natalie Bowie

Natalie Bowie

I am at present living and working in Shandan at Shandan Bailie School. I am a Kiwi who feels humbled by such a great man and embarrassed that I knew so little of him before coming to China. It is a privilege to be here in Shandan supporting the local people at both the school and in the local co-operatives. I have enjoying following in the footsteps of the great man and have been really lucky to meet some people who knew both Rewi Alley and George Hogg.



In his work for Gung Ho and world peace Rewi saved and improved more lives than any other New Zealander ever has. The people of New Zealand and China owe him a huge debt.



An adventurer of the old breed. A great man.



Rewi Alley was a true ex-pat Kiwi, strength of character and gift to look beyond the prejudices. And perhaps very disillusioned with the NZ Govts history of treating the top GDP earners (Farmers) like excretions. Chinese are hard working and careful with everything, perhaps other countries could learn from these noble traits.
Personally I like my freedoms too much to ever want to live in China but hey who knows one day, we will all end up as servants to the Chinese anyway, so best to accept the future.
East becomes West and West becomes East.

 tim t.

tim t.

Its nice to see that my great uncle was able to help so many people.

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