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Hero image for Intrepid Journeys - China (Miriama Smith)

Intrepid Journeys - China (Miriama Smith)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2005

In this Intrepid Journey, actor Miriama Smith immerses herself in Yunnan, one of China's most ethnically diverse provinces from the tourist-heavy cities showcasing street markets, nightlife, and traditional culture, to humbling communities living in poverty. Miriama reconnects with her father's Buddhist roots at a Tibetan monastery, where the altitude demands a unique culinary palette. The Tiger Leaping Gorge tests her fitness, and the food markets are tough for a vegetarian. Throughout the episode, she compares the Yunnan culture to her Māori upbringing, finding surprising similarities and differences.

It has been a culture shock for me to see how people are living. For my whole life I've never gone hungry, I've never gone without the simple things that we bemoan or take for granted — all the luxuries that I've missed on this trip. I've realized how lucky we really do have it.
– Miriama Smith looks back, at the end of her intrepid journey

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