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  3. Part three of three from this full length episode.

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Middledon is invaded by aliens in this early 2000s teen series. In this first episode, Jeff and Noodle — 21st Century skater descendents of Terry Teo fed on What Now? ADD — stumble upon the conspiring Neo Corporation. Being the only ones to see Neo's nefarious plot, the duo must resist mind control (teen spirit anyone?), save the town, and stop their skate park being 'wasted' and turned into a mall. Future World fashion designer Benny Castles plays Jeff, Rawiri Paratene is Gran (!) Pekapeka, and Antony Starr's Stevo channels teen slacker icon Jeff Spicoli.

Credits (19)

 Chris Bailey
 Chris Hampson
 David Geary

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 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Leonard, its possible we may look at publishing more episodes from the series sometime - just the one for now.



Loved this program, watched every episode. But wheres the other episodes? Love to see the other episodes up here too :)


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This is the emergency supply, from the arm-pit microwave! 
What would aliens be doing in Middledon bro? 
And when we drain the estuary to create a new surf beach, it will be a win-win situation. 
This old proverb I made up just now goes: ‘if a person has a pone pone taila he must have a pone pone bum for a face’, which means their brains are horse sh** ... you know?