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  1. Full length short film.


In James Cunningham’s award-winning short a mutant three-fingered hand attempts a brash virtual heist, seeking to wipe a student loan debt in a government databank. The “digital action thriller” was a third collaboration between Cunningham and producer Paul Swadel. Infection’s fast-paced action, humour, and (then) state-of-the-art 3D CGI rendering (punctured eyeballs, hypodermic needles) was in confident contrast to the realist Kiwi short film tradition. Infection won selection in competition at Cannes, Sundance, and numerous other international festivals.

Credits (5)

 James Cunningham
 Paul Swadel
 Dave Whitehead

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 Terry Gruijters

Terry Gruijters

Great animation, great story. I like the characters that come through the animation despite the lack of faces.


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 The Sci-fi Collection


Computer graphics are out to make a killing. 
There hasn't been a better film for connoisseurs of punctured-eyeball anxiety since Un Chien Andalou. 


2001 Fantasia Film Festival (Canada)
Jury Prize

2001 Aspen Shortsfest (United States)
Animated Eye Award

2001 Just for Laughs Film Festival (Montreal)
Jury Prize

2001 Dresden Film Festival (Germany)
Youth Jury Award: Honourable Mention

2000 Cannes Film Festival
In Competition

2000 NZ Film Awards
Best Short Film
Best Craft Contribution to a Short Film: James Cunningham

Festivals include
Sundance (in competition), Chicago, Melbourne, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Edinburgh, Valladolid (Spain), Hamburg, Puchon (South Korea)