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Cow Chase

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2004

In this absurd comedy series for children, a greasy businessman (voiced by Peter Stretch) attempts to turn Daisy the cow into a work of art, in order to collect a $10,000 competition prize. Despite his bizarre and haphazard efforts, Daisy has the last laugh thanks to the help of a kindly artist (Lynette Goodwin). This bite-sized five-part series was created and animated by brothers Nathan and Daniel Fearon for TV3.  The Fearons have also utilised their skills to create numerous video games. They worked on the show with production company Raconteur Productions, having previously joined Raconteur for animated series Horatio's Worm.

You're costing me more than you're worth!
– Grimshaw (Peter Stretch) to Daisy the cow, at the start of episode three

Key Cast & Crew

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Veronica McCarthy-de Friez


Generic Profile image for Nathan Fearon

Nathan Fearon

Creator, Writer, Animator

Generic Profile image for Lynette Goodwin

Lynette Goodwin

As: Actress, As: Ellen

Generic Profile image for Daniel Fearon

Daniel Fearon

Creator, Animator, Writer

Generic Profile image for Peter Stretch

Peter Stretch

As: Judge, As: Frenchman, As: Grimshaw

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Vahid Qualls


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